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ConFuzzled 2012

It's been over a year since my last LiveJournal entry. I imagine that I'll be posting here even less now that I have a Twitter account. However, I thought I'd describe my experience of ConFuzzled 2012 in more detail, which I can't exactly do in a single tweet!

I went there on Friday and came back on Monday. The convention had a new venue this year, one that was further away from where I live than it was last year. The series of journeys I had to take to and from the venue were pretty exhausting, though it was quite fun to travel through unfamiliar scenery, as well as to ride on Virgin trains. Both the venue hotel and the town it was in were nice places, I thought.

As I did last year, I enjoyed convention, hanging out with a couple of friends and going to various events. One of the new events for this year was the Artist Alley, where I had a nice time drawing. It was also pretty cool when the some people from the animal rescue charity that was being sponsored by ConFuzzled were there to describe their work. They even brought a few animals with them, including a tame fox:


Is It Furry Art?

Whenever I've been in Preston lately, this has been catching my attention:

This mural's on the side of a pub. They keep changing the artwork every so often, and when they changed it to this, I just had to take a photo of it while I was walking by yesterday! Hopefully the artist(s) who made this won't mind me mentioning their work here, but I have a feeling that they'll probably never read this anyway.


ConFuzzled 2011

I got back from ConFuzzled yesterday. It actually finished today, but I decided to leave early so I could get ready for this morning's exam.

Anyway, I had a pretty good time there, I think I enjoyed it even more than I did last year! I was happy to hang around with the people I already know, and it was also a nice surprise to meet a couple of other people for the first time.

The events this year were generally similar to the ones from last year. I went along with a few others to most of them, but there were a few art-themed events that I went to alone. Also, I got to see the entire PawPets puppet show this time. I found it pretty funny in places, there were a few great jokes in the dialog. However, I thought some of the humour was a bit too crude for my liking (which is typical of me).

The only thing that really bothered me while I was there was my quiet, shy nature. As usual, I ended up being very untalkative, and I was often the only one remaining silent in the middle of various lively conversations. I wish I could've been more talkative, but I couldn't think of much to say a lot of the time.

The last major event there that I witnessed was the fursuit parade. It was fun to watch all the fursuiters walking down the side of the road, getting all the motorists' attentions! Here's a photo I took of the fursuiters once they'd all gotten back near to the main venue:


Birthday And Other Things

I think it's about time for a few updates. It feels like a lot of things are going on right now, and I've had quite a mix of feelings too.

Firstly, I've been monitoring the news concerning the recent tornado outbreak in the USA. It's been quite worrying for me, mainly because there's one particular person I know on both deviantART and Fur Affinity who lives in Alabama, the worst-affected state. I haven't heard from them since Wednesday, which I believe was the last day before the tornadoes struck.

Also, I turned 22 on Friday. I received a Nintendo 3DS as a Birthday present. It has a few built-in games, but I haven't bought any 'proper' games yet. Right now, I'm thinking that I might like to get Super Street Fighter IV or Pilotwings Resort soon.

Yesterday, I went to a furmeet for the first time in about one and a half years, and like the last one I went to, it was in Leeds. We went to a bar called distrikt. It seemed like one of these hip, modern (and perhaps quite literally 'underground') urban bars that seem to be a popular destination for furmeets. It was nice enough, though I guess these sorts of places aren't really my thing, which might be because I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere! While I was there, I met James The Dog again, who'd brought his new fursuit along:

The furriness doesn't stop there; this Friday, I'll be going to ConFuzzled for the second time. This time though, I'll be staying at the hotel during the weekend. Unfortunately, not only will I be having an exam on Friday morning, but I have another exam on the Monday morning afterwards. I didn't know the exam dates when I registered for ConFuzzled, and I was worried that things would turn out like this. I just hope I don't end up being too anxious thinking about my exams to enjoy myself at the convention. Basically, I'm feeling both excited and nervous about everything that's coming up.


Back At Home

Well, the holiday's over now. After travelling all night, me and my family managed to get home during the early hours of yesterday.

I probably should've mentioned it previously, but we spent a week in Spain, where I'd never been to before. Apart from having trouble sleeping on a couple of nights and some evenings out that I didn't particularly enjoy, it was mostly quite a nice holiday for me. As with my last holiday abroad (when I went to Portugal 3 years ago), my favourite part of it was getting to go to a waterpark!

Despite finding Internet access while I was away (yes, I did end up taking my laptop along with me), I must've spent about 8 hours yesterday dealing with all the new messages I had on both deviantART and Fur Affinity! Then again, I usually tried to avoid spending too much time online when I was gone, plus I didn't log into FA at all, either...


ConFuzzled 2011

Since registration for Confuzzled 2011 opened today, I decided that I may as well register now. I've chosen a residential ticket this time, partly to save me from having to travel all the way to Manchester and back for each day. I haven't sent them a payment yet, but hopefully I'll manage to take care of that soon. Speaking of the payment, it's going to cost me over £200! I feel a bit guilty for spending so much money over such a short period of time...

Much sooner than Confuzzled though will be that holiday I mentioned previously, and I'll be setting off on Friday. I'm still not sure whether I should bring my laptop with me, or if it'd be better off left at home.


Going Away

Just when I thought I'd be staying at home for the entire Summer break, I found out yesterday that my parents had booked a holiday for us. However, I can't say I'm looking forward to it that much.

It was mainly my Mum's idea for us to go. My Dad argued that we couldn't afford it, but eventually he ended up booking the holiday anyway. Since my family is pretty big, going on holiday is rarely cheap for us, which is probably why we didn't go anywhere during the last two Summers. While it might be nice to get away for a week, I'm worried that we'll have major difficulties with money afterwards. It's not the first time that my Mum's made a seemingly impulsive decision regarding something expensive, but I think she's been planning this for quite a while now. Not only that, but the fact that we're setting off just under four weeks from now seems a bit too sudden for my liking.

I guess all I can do now is get prepared for the holiday. Perhaps it'll turn out to be quite nice.


Losing Our Pet

Today, our oldest dog, whom we've had for over 10 years, was put down. He'd been having various problems for some time, and my Mum noticed that he was suffering pretty badly while she was giving him a bath earlier on. After my parents went to the vet, our dog was buried in the garden.

I remember how excited he used to get when I would take him out for walks...


First Year Over

This morning, I took my last exam for the academic year. I don't know if I did well enough to continue the course yet, but as far as I know, the second year doesn't start until September. I have a feeling I'm going to spend a lot of the next few months being bored, unless I discover something new and interesting to do. One idea I had for the Summer holidays was to learn how to drive, but I'm not sure about it now...


Back From ConFuzzled

Now that I'm finished attending this year's ConFuzzled, I'm pleased tell everyone how it went! First of all, I only attended on two days for various reasons, but I chose to go on Friday and Saturday, since they both had the most appropriate scheduled events for me.

On Friday, I got there in the afternoon, just before registration. Trouble was, they ended up having to delay registration, and I queued up for what seemed like hours. But once that was over, it was nice to meet up with James The Dog and Entei-Rah again. It was also an honour to meet Keenyfox, one of my favourite furry artists, in person for the first time. He was friendly and I enjoyed talking with him, plus he showed me and James what he'd been working on. At the Opening Ceremony, we were introduced to the Guest of Honour, TaniDaReal. After that, I decided to go to the First Convention session hosted by Uncle Kage. He could well be the world's most entertaining scientist! Later on, I had quite a lot of fun in the Wikifur Pub Quiz, where I managed to help out with some of the the nerdier questions.

I got there again in the morning on the next day. Early on that day, I attended the Colouring and Cartoon workshops. While I don't expect to have become a top-level artist in one day, both workshops provided some useful ideas for me. I also spent some time in the Dealer's Den. Despite being under the impression that porn wouldn't be allowed at the convention beforehand, I ended up spotting a variety of unmentionable stuff on display there. I think according to LevLion (who was one of the staff), they at least were trying to discourage it. On a more positive note, I did get a hug from a fursuiter while I was in there! Later on in the afternoon, I went to the Furrylimpics, where they had fursuiters compete in a selection of games. It was fun to watch, the participants put on quite a humourous performance. Finally, I went to see a special puppet show, entitled, "PawPets II: Shock & D'aww" and split into three acts. It was really funny, and the characters were pretty cute too. Unfortunately, the show had been delayed, meaning that I only saw the first act since I had to leave before it ended. I wish I could've seen the rest of it.

Anyway, despite a few problems, ConFuzzled was the most enjoyable experience I've had in a long time. It certainly exceeded my expectations, though admittedly I mostly wasn't sure what to expect! I also felt like I was part of something special, which is pretty rare for me. For next year, I'm seriously considering a residential membership...